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El CG está integrado por personas de muy diversa procedencia, formación y dedicación. Sería imposible recoger el historial de todos ellos, así que presentamos un pequeño resumen del currículum de algunos

Castellano, Ricardo
Having written some books and articles about the SCW, mainly focused on fortification, he has also given some conferences on this issue at Brunete, Quijorna and Fresnedillas, as well as TV and radio programs, and press news.


De la Mata, Rubén
The main manager of CG activities about Quijorna, his most outstanding work was to organize the last monographic exposition about the battle of Brunete.


González-Quijano, Miguel Ángel
It´s been a long time since this off road biker started to locate, both riding and on foot, a big number of military constructions and artillery settlements at Las Navas del Marqués


Portero, Jaime
His passion for photography led him to build a wide dossier of SCW pictures, including not only Madrid front but also many other areas affected by war


Rodríguez, Ángel
Always checking the web in search of new informations, besides walking on the battlefields


Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel
University professor and geologist involved in ancient earthquakes investigations, he researches Guadalajara front from the perspectives of both cartography and material remains


Sánchez, Manuel
This prestigious orthopaedic surgeon has released some of the most interesting researches on war time medicine, mainly regarding SCW and battle of Brunete


Schnell, Pablo
He is at the same time the secretary of the magazine of the Asociación Española de Amigos de los Castillos as well as its librarian, and a member of CG. An author of several articles and conferences on castles and archaeology.


Vázquez, Jesús
Jesús has a long background pursuing the protection of SCW remains at the Guadarrama area, plus a variety of recovering and broadcasting activities at Brunete in different media


Villar, Manuel
Besides its knowledge in subjetcs such as mushrooms or Guadarrama mountains history, this specialist in the military field of 1st. and 2nd. World War has been in charge of translating this web to German language


Viñas, Ernesto
Reseracher of the Battle of Brunete, he walks on the fields and analyses the air photographs taken from 1939 until today



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