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After almost three quarters of a century have passed from the beginning of the Spanish Civil War (SCW) a few steps have been taken to discover the physical remains of that conflict among the Spaniards. There may have been many reasons for this, but after such a long time we believe that time has come to recover the fortifications, air fields, refuges and, in general, all the works that were built during the war to turn them into real monuments (not just commemorative) of those unforgettable facts.

Unlike what is common around the rest of Europe, conservation for these remains has not been promoted. A simple research in the internet can give an accurate imagen about the high number of museums throughout Europe that keep the flame of the most dramatic war experienced by the world alive. Showing the upcoming generations what happened we maintain the consciousness on the facts and someway we also avoid the trail to its repetition to be blazed.

The same idea lays on the CG intentions. Safeguarding what remained from the SCW to perpetuate in time the memory of events that should not happen again. And, from an architectonic point of view, to protect constructions which might be admired in two or three centuries with the same calmed attitude we have today when looking at a castle, a fort or a palace.


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